Saturday, June 21, 2008

Squares Finished,Keeping Track

I have mine done. That's one.
Let's keep track here so we can figure out when it will be time to start the finishing.


Debbie said...

Long, wordy post!

I think we need to make a plan. Both a deadline and a plan for who's doing the joining and how the edging will be.

I will volunteer my crochet hook for joining and/or edging, but with the caveat that I don't have any experience in either.

Michelle627, back in the beginning, also said she'd be willing to join squares. She also suggested having a get-together to do it as a group. Would that cause difficulties because of tension differences?

So, as I see it, we need to pick a deadline, choose a person or persons to join and edge, and then get together (if there's more than one doing the joining/edging) and DO IT.

And the sooner the better, since the idea is for her to have this while she's undergoing the treatment, and her evil doctor is making her stay home from vacation for said treatment. (Though not TOO soon, because poor Torii is still waiting for her skein of yarn from me!)

Ric and Holly said...

I have ONE COMPLETED and I am starting the second today. If neccessary I can do a couple more.

Debbie said...

I have two completed. I can do more if necessary, also.

Michelle (627) said...

I can probably have mine done this weekend. I need to hide the dishcloth cotton from myself first!

I'm still willing to help with joining, but I'm not available next weekend, and the following weekend is July 4th, so I don't know if it will work out for me. Also, I know diddly-squat about joining/edging, other than good old-fashioned sewing together. I like the sound of the crochet joining/edging, but I'm scared. Unfortunately, this may be a job for the crochet-proficient Betties.

Ric and Holly said...

UPDATE: I have TWO completed.

I can still do more if we need them, just let me know.

I agree with Michelle on the joining maybe some crochet experts can take over...because I too do not know how to crochet. I can do regular knitting seaming and some whip stitching. But whatever we decide on should be somewhat consistent.

Debbie said...

I can crochet, and I'm sure I can follow directions, though I've never crocheted squares together or done much with borders. If someone else can do it better, that'd be great, but if not, I'm ready and willing.

heyfatlulu said...

I volunteer for sewing squares together - I'm actually quite good at sewing. Nobody wants to see my crochet, trust me. Can we sew the blanket together and then crochet an edge around it?

Debbie said...

We can if we want to.

All in favor of Torii sewing the squares together and then someone crocheting a nice border, vote now.


What do you think, purple for the border? I'm thinking a dark color would show dirt less.

Here's another question. For awhile, I didn't have to type in those stupid security letters, and I was able to check a box that made it send me any responses that came in via email. Now, all of a sudden, I can't, anymore. Anybody know what gives?

head of the table said...

I would totally help Torii sew squares together. I like the look better than crochet, and it's less bulky for seams.

As for an edging, I think dark purple would be great.

Finally, I have one square completed and would really love to use leftovers for an 8" log cabin square. But I only have two colors. Anyone wanna throw in some?


Michelle (627) said...

I like the sound of sewing the squares together, and then doing a crochet border. Purple sounds great!

Renee, I might have some leftovers I can give you. I'm planning to finish today, so I'll bring any extras with me tomorrow. Will you be there?

Debbie said...

I have a couple of colors you can use, Renee.

Since Debibo's not going to be there this Monday, maybe we can do some show and tell.

Should we be giving our squares to Torii, then?

MyDailyFiber said...
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Kevin said...

Two squares done, with some leftovers. I'll give Torii custody of my squares tomorrow night, if she's accepting them. And Renee, you're welcome to my leftovers unless Torii needs them for seaming.

Michelle (627) said...

Ack! I didn't realize Kevin was signed in to Google. That above comment is from me, Michelle (627). :)

Debbie said...

Um, you're a better crochetist than I am. How about you pick a pattern and I'll match it. Nothing too hard, though!

I have some purple here, but I can't find the ball band, so I'm not sure what it is. Either Purple or Dried Plum, judging from the colors on the Berocco website.

Pretty sure it's Dried Plum, color 9780

heyfatlulu said...

I'll take some, and Renee can take some and we can seam until we pop!

skully said...

I finished my square, my mom is starting on hers, and so is katie and her mom cindy. I'm all for the above plans re: joining!