Monday, June 9, 2008

New Square Size

Is the change to 8" x 8" squares official now? I charted that size tonight, and I think I can actually do it in Fair Isle, for the smaller size. I'm going to Tropical Yarns tomorrow for the white yarn, so the chances are I'll start knitting on it tomorrow, so I'm checking to be sure about the size!


Suzette said...

Wait- where was that discussed? I missed it entirely! I was going to cast on today for a 12x12. I'll hold off and see what's what then.

Debbie said...

Sorry! That's one reason I posted.

Okay, I posted awhile back that I thought it had been mentioned when we made Beth's baby blanket that 12 x 12 was too big. No one said much on here, but several people at the Bean last night said they thought so, too. So 8 x 8 was discussed, but I'm trying to make sure we're all on the same page!

Also: I went to Tropical Yarns this morning, because Susan had said she was getting a Berroco shipment in, and I needed white Comfort. Turns out, Berroco back ordered the white on her, BUT they gave her two skeins, which she put aside for me. Now, I only needed one skein, but the shortage made me nervous, so I bought them both! Does anyone want to buy the second one from me, 'cause I'll most likely never need it!

Debbie said...


Comfort is lovely and soft and squishy, but it hates me.

I'm finding that I do not work well with this yarn.

At all.

Suzette said...

Oh debbie- I'd take that second skein of white. I am in LOVE with this yarn. I would for sure make something from it!

Debbie said...

'Kay, Suzette, it's yours. You might want to remind me the next time you're coming up, so I don't forget to bring it!

Debbie said...

Okay, Comfort and I have reached a truce. I have given up my original design, and Comfort, thus placated, has agreed to allow me to knit it into a couple of other designs.

One of the problems we ran into with the 12 x 12 squares was, we have a lot of Betties who want to contribute, and you can quickly get too many squares. So you're stuck with a choice. Tell some folks they can't contribute, or make one HUGE blanket. If we go with something smaller, we won't have that problem, and if we wind up with the opposite problem, not enough squares, I'm quite certain many of us will be happy to contribute an extra. I've done two, figuring one will be used for sure, and the other will be a "spare," just in case we need to fill in a gap or something.

Michelle (627) said...

I finished a square last night. I might, maybe, just barely have enough yarn for a second. I'm still deciding whether I want to start it.