Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Love to Hate Berroco Comfort!

Jeez Louise!

It's so pretty and soft knitted, but I've never used anything so splitty in all my live-long days. The only thing worser than knitting with it is un-knitting with it!

Rant over! Carry on.
Like I said, it is soft and pretty.


Debbie said...

I got used to it, so it wasn't as bad to work with as it was at first, but yeah, it's very splitty.

Makes a nice product, though.

vagabond bettie said...

Yes, I am very impressed with my square. The yarn shows off the texture so well!

MyDailyFiber said...

I know! It's been ok to knit for me for the most part, but the un-knitting, oi vey! Renee will take your extra Comfort off your hands to do her square as a log cabin, I am going to be happy to hand it off :) hehe

eda said...

I am the manufacturer of Comfort range for Berroco.
We have changed the twists in this yarn as we had some complains like yours.
The problem is solved ,please give it another chance :)
Hint:buy the ones start with V under dyelot section on the ballbands !