Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Squares Collected

Torii collected some squares last night, but the sewing won't begin until we have a better idea how many colors there will be. So maybe if your square isn't done, or isn't turned in yet, could you post a picture here so she can see?

We've had a volunteer for crochet edging, she'll have to speak up and let Michelle (MyDailyFiber) know which one is selected. Or we could pick a few and vote on them, with the crocheter having veto power (cause some of those borders are a pain/eat yarn super fast)

I've gotten enough colors to do a log cabin. However, if anyone is using the mixed pinks, I'd love to throw in a little of that. But we have it at the store, so I could buy a ball and do a whole square in it, if nobody used it yet.



Ric and Holly said...

I have done a square in the mixed pinks. The 2 colors I used were 9710 and 9810. I'm not sure which # goes with which color, but it's the mixed pinks and the light/baby pink.

I'll have to get my squares to you guys.

Debbie said...

Am I the volunteer to whom you refer, or has someone more experienced stepped forward?

'Cause I already told Michelle-mydailyfiber to pick an edging for the pillow and I'd try to match it on the blanket, since she's ready to go and I won't be until the blanket's assembled. Or the voting thing works for me, too. I just have very little experience, here, so it's better if someone just chooses and gives me an assignment.

And if someone who's better at it than I am wants to take on the job, I promise not to be miffed.

heyfatlulu said...

Ronnie spoke up last night, while we were all throwing around ideas. She volunteered to crochet the edge. So, looks like we're well covered in that respect.
I have five or six squares here, but as Renee mentioned, only 3 colours are represented so I will wait to start sewing.

Debbie said...

Oh, cool. Ronnie's a better crochetist than I am. That'll be perfect.

MyDailyFiber said...
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vagabond bettie said...

Renee, I have the multi color from Holly. I can get it to you tomorrow or Saturday or Sunday.
Let me know.

Suzette said...

I haven't finished my square yet- is finishing this weekend and mailing Monday too late? Should I save my yarn and just make something else for Deb?